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What makes ShiftZen scheduling software so perfect for restaurants?

Our team has over 30 years of experience in restaurants as servers, managers, bartenders and hosts and we own our own bar and grill. We are the people that had to call or be called to find out when we were scheduled to work. So...we decided to make a product to solve that. ShiftZen allows restaurant staff to check their schedule anywhere they may be at anytime. Right from their phone.

South Florida's #1 Miami vegan food restaurant uses ShiftZen for Scheduling

With 3 locations (and a 4th coming soon) it has allowed me to see at a glance who is working at any location, at any point in time with ease.

ShiftZen provides labor cost info, and this has helped our managers stay aware of labor costs when building their schedule, and staying within budget.

Lori Zito - President at Choices Cafe, INC

How does it work?

Sign up up with no credit card, enter a few staff and start scheduling right away. Once you have entered your servers, bartenders, hosts, etc. and feel comfortable, enter their email addresses and start sending schedules. Your staff will be notified that you have created an online scheduling account and be invited to create a password. That is all there is to getting started.

Then What?

Once you post a schedule and staff are notified via email/text/notification they will start communicating with you and their fellow co workers. They can also request swaps and drops of shifts and enter time off requests for management to review. As a manager you will be able to instantly communicate and track lates. You will also have a fully digital manager log and a daily reports to records sales and labor.

Celebration Town Tavern Loves ShiftZen

I can do the schedule from anywhere I happen to be - not only locked into doing it at work so I can print it and post it

Staff used to congregate at the printed schedules and chat and plan who was working when - and try to switch them all around for their convenience….

If I do change the schedule, they are alerted immediately so they cannot say “They did not know"

Susan Bona - GM/Owner Celebration Town Tavern

Restaurants that use ShiftZen online scheduling software

It costs very little...

  • 1-20 staff: $20/month
  • 21-40 staff: $30/month
  • 41-60 staff: $40/month
  • 61-80 staff: $50/month
  • 81-100 staff: $60/month
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Contracts. No Setup Fee.

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