ShiftZen Features

Quick Scheduling

Create online schedule in minutes instead of hours. Copy old schedules, create partial/full templates, start from scratch. Fully up to you!

Notifications = Accountability

Staff are notified of new schedules, schedule changes, available shifts, weather emergencies, new policies, etc. via email, text and/or notification.

Works on All Devices

Employees can access schedules from iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows or anything. Managers can remove/changes shifts right on their phone in seconds.

We Support You

Got a question? Chat, call or email. If we're not available immediately it's generally and hour or less. Click Chat in the bottom right corner and we'll show you.

Control Your Labor

Assign one or more positions/pay rates to staff and see your actual labor dollars/percentages change in front of your eyes as you build the schedule!

Managers Log

Paying for a product to store manager communication? Have a dog earred notebook you are keeping critical information in? Keep it online in ShiftZen and share with other managers/owners/operators.

Multiple Locations?

No Problem! Owners/Operator/District Managers/HR Dept can login to see each restaurant individually, quick labor calcuations or send a message to one or more restaurant staff from our multi dashboard.

What do staff say about ShiftZen Scheduling Software?


"The site helps me to stay organized & on track of my shifts" -Vanessa
"ShiftZen is very self explanatory, it's easy to use, and very organized." - Raven

Ease of Use

"Convenience and easy use of app" -Eric
"Easy way to contact all staff members immediately for coverage." -Erin
"'s very easy and straight forward" - Charlie


" is super helpful as a server to be able to communicate with the other staff members easily." -Dede
".. Extremely easy to check schedules and communicate with other employees" -Tim


  • 1-20 staff: $20/month
  • 21-40 staff: $30/month
  • 41-60 staff: $40/month
  • 61-80 staff: $50/month
  • 81-100 staff: $60/month
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Contracts. No Setup Fee.

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