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Why we skip the National Restaurant Association conference.

As most probably know, the National Restaurant Association show is in full swing right now. This is a chance for big glitzy booths and buyers and sellers to unite. The website boasts 2000+ vendors and 44000 potential buyers. ShiftZen isn't there. Surely you are thinking 'how on earth could they miss that opportunity?' Well, it's simple really. We are busy making our product better for the customers we have and will continue to get. We won't get the mega chains who are buying a billion pounds of beef a year. We won't get the buyer seeking a .0015% decrease in labor cost as it will save share holders many millions. We aren't seeking the guy looking for the liquor pouring device that gives exacting pours so they can hire robots. 

Nope, our software/company is more about people. And, we met with one of those people just yesterday. Leon runs an amazing coffee shop in Durham, NC and he is getting ready to open another. He and his wife Areli are amazing and the NY Times recognized them as such. They are using our scheduling product right now and gave us a lot of feedback, much that made it into our core product. Yesterday we demonstrated our new time clock product (in beta now, email me at if you'd like to be a beta tester) to Leon and based on his feedback we're making a few tweaks and we hope they will go live shortly. 

While that was going on I am attending a conference in Washington DC related to another business we have and will go to one of our clients restaurants for lunch (Table, I plan on having the fish tacos). This other business is how we keep afloat while growing our audience. We don't have any investors so we don't have time or money to waste on milling about with 46000 people that are probably not interested in a company that has the founder answering the phone and emails when their staff are looking for scheduling software. Myself...I seek out businesses where a principal is involved every day. What about you?