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Why ShiftZen bought a restaurant


What is the best way to truly test a restaurant staff scheduling software system? Use it in real life at a restaurant!

That is just what we did. Two of the ShiftZen partners recently partnered/invested in a neighborhood bar and grill - Rather than say, 'we are too busy with ShiftZen', we embraced the idea to truly walk in the shoes of our customers. We signed a lease on March 1, 2016 and opened on St Patrick's day 16 days later. It was an incredible, tiring and at times frightening experience but well worth the effort. We were able to create/save 30+ jobs and fill a gap left when a legendary restaurant closed in Durham, NC.

Along with Andrew (the operating partner/GM/investor) we used our 40+ years of restaurant/bar/hospitality experience to do something we'd always wanted to do. We truly love the restaurant business and the opportunity to use our restaurant scheduling software in 'real life' conditions was not an opportunity we were going to pass up.

So, how did we use ShiftZen in this process?

1) We used the 'Apply For A Position Online' feature for hiring.

2) We used the Employee Document feature to share W4's, I9's and Policy Procedure with hired staff.

3) We used the communication tools to email/text staff with menu items and request help during the build out.

4) We used the labor/scheduling piece to train Chef/GM on how to make a schedule that covers the gaps while minding the labor cost and avoiding any overtime (seriously, we only had one employee in over time on week 2!)

5) We are recording daily sales and general information in the Daily Reports module that is emailed out to all partners/managers on a nightly basis. This data will also show us next year how we are doing compared to the same day the previous year(priceless).

6) Too much to talk about, you got to try yourself. Sign up for a free account here.

We'll continue to blog and write about our many uses but know that you are in good hands with people that understand staffing, lates, no shows, outed on food items, Yelp reviews from customers who never stepped foot in your restaurant and all the other fun that comes with the biz. Cheers!