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When Does Restaurant Management Need Outside Advice

Today we heard that one of our favorite customers is shutting its doors. They had great food, a cozy atmosphere and were located in a great location. So What Happened?! Who knows exactly what happened but with any business there is a combination necessary for success. It could be a certain amount of capital to get through the beginning stages. It could be an aggressive marketing campaign. It might be the need for a valet service due to parking that is inconvenient. Whatever the answer, it brings to mind the need for expert advice. In this post from Rick LeSage (highly respected restaurant consultant), he talks about when it is a good time to bring in outside advice:

"Operating costs, Food execution, Guest service, or general operations have been troublesome or concerning without any sight of improvement it may be time to consider that assistance. In the long run, the cost of a consultant can be recouped many times over by helping you resolve a troublesome operational problem or avoid a costly mistake in the startup or expansion phase."

Knowing what to do when you don't know what to do comes from experience and limiting the unknown. Here at ShiftZen we rely on expert consultants like Rick to help us guide and shape our product. We also have experience working with you, the customer, to help us with decisions. We wish everyone at our former customer the best of luck and hope to see them rebranded soon.