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What Richard Branson Tells Us About Customers Vs Employee Needs

LinkedIN (for all its obnoxious faults with sending too many emails) has become an interesting channel to watch. In one of its recent moves it started asking people what they would do/tell their 22 year old self. A lot of these are really interesting reads. I particularly liked the one from Richard Branson. Prior to LinkedIn I certainly knew Branson was the owner/founder of Virgin Airlines and that he had a lot of charisma. What I have also found, from allowing him to be one of the 'Influencers' that frequently show up in my feed, is that he is a hell of a guy. He has a real focus on his employees, customers and people in general. Sure, his stuff isn't cheap, but I almost feel like he is charging the real cost of a product should he provide the kind of living to his employees that he envisioned. I don't want to get to far off on a tangent, but I think this is something we all need to think about. As a business owner, there are frustrating times when you want customers at any cost. But that is a dangerous approach. In order to provide the service people want and deserve, you have to weigh growth very carefully. We've talk about using Groupon in our blog before and how it can be a risky process. Sure, you get a whole bunch of new people in your door, but are you going to be able to handle that particular groups needs and desires? Really think it through. Also, can you wait a long time to get that money? Well, I was going to talk more about my 22 year old self but that will have to wait til part 2. While waiting for that, please read Richard's article. Its way better than mine will be and also his point about second chances is very important.