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Weather Reports Part Of Restaurants' Financial Forecast

Fall is officially here along with a change in the weather. Too often restaurants take a reactive approach when it comes to the management of their heating and air units (HVAC). Neglect of the HVAC units can make for uncomfortable guests in the dining room and wasted money! 

It all starts with the manager. A good restaurant manager checks the weather forecast every day and keeps an eye on the weather throughout the day. Do the building lights/signs need to be turned on because it's cloudy outside? How does the day's weather affect your outside patio? These are just a couple of questions a restaurant manager can ask in correlation with the weather. 

It's also important for a manager to create a travel path in the restaurant. Throughout the shift a manager should periodically visit all parts of the restaurant, monitoring the temperature. In the winter for example, the HVAC unit may need to be "off" since the kitchen generates heat. However, it's important to monitor the dining room temperature and make sure the customers are warm. 

Changing the air filters are on a consistent basis is a good habit. Set up a routine where they are changed automatically. For example, you could set up a system where air filters are changed every other pay day. This is a healthy routine that will helps reduce the amount of energy a restaurant consumes. Shiftzen restaurant scheduling software has a manager's log feature where all of this can be documented and shared. 

A heightened awareness must accompany a change in the weather.

ShiftZen Team

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