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Try The 7 Layer Burrito Restaurant Test

Want to see if your local Taco Bell is running efficiently? Visit it and ask what comes on a 7-Layer Burrito. The response you get will speak volumes.

If the cashier can recite the ingredients with no hesitation, you'll probably find the cashier in proper uniform, attempting to upsell. More than likely the food will be hot and fresh. The bathroom will probably be cleaned and well stocked.

Now if the cashier cannot tell you the ingredients of a 7-Layer Burrito or needs assistance from a cheat sheet or an other employee, you'll find a different restaurant. The cashier will not be in proper uniform (or it will be unkempt). The food will not be as hot or fresh. The bathrooms will not be tidy and chances are a paper towel roll will be empty.

A trained cashier in a quick service concept (or server in a full service concept) can provide a snapshot of a restaurant being properly run. A cashier or server who knows the menu and the ingredients of menu items is a product of a work environment that focuses on structure and routines. As opposed to being thrown in front of a guest on the employee's first day, the employee is shown how orders are made and given a menu test. If the employee did not come in proper uniform they were probably not allowed to work. They were probably immersed in the routines of the restaurants, such as hourly food quality checks and bathroom inspections. 

In order for any restaurant to run at optimal efficiency, training must be an integral part. Orders mistakes, customer complaints, turnover and ultimately decreased sales are the results of not providing proper training. Training creates structure and routines. A well-trained employee is more likely to be successful and less likely to leave. Training creates and preserves standards, thus improving guest's experiences and eventually creating sales increases. 

Who would have thought a 7-Layer Burrito could tell you so much?

-ShiftZen Team