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Struggling Actors And Waiting Tables

Struggling actors and waiting tables go hand in hand. It seems like every actor or actress in New York or Los Angeles spent some time as a restaurant server. As a restaurant scheduling software company, we wondered what a schedule full of famous actors and actresses would look like. So we decided we're going to build our own restaurant schedule full of stars! Through now and the month of September, we'll be tweeting famous actors and actresses at random and asking them "Were you ever a server in a restaurant?" along with #ActorsWaitingTables. If they respond "yes", we'll add them to a schedule of a fictitious restaurant named Café ShiftZen. 

We'll keep you updated who responds along with an updated list of staff. If you're a restaurant owner or manager, sign up for our free thirty day trial and we'll give you access to the Café ShiftZen schedule. We'll let you play around with the Café ShiftZen demo account so you can see how easy it is to use ShiftZen. You'll immediately see how it can save you time and money by alleviating the headache of scheduling! 

Stay tuned to see who joins the Cafe Shiftzen staff!
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