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Preparing Your Restaurant For Marketing

A radio station account executive received a call from a restaurant owner about advertising. The restaurant owner wanted to start a “kids eat free” promotion where kids would eat free on Mondays and Tuesdays. The strategy was to boost dinner sales on two of the slowest nights of the week. The account executive and the restaurant owner met, ironed out the details and the owner later agreed to a three-month proposal of radio ads promoting the campaign. 

The second week of the campaign, the radio executive patronized the restaurant on a Monday to support his client and see if the campaign was creating results. The executive grabbed a high chair for his toddler and noticed a portion of the high chair was caked in food. After wiping off the high chair, he noticed the clasp on the harness was broken. After finding a clean and complete high chair while holding his toddler in one arm, he sat down at the table exasperated.

The restaurant server greeted the executive and his family. They placed the order with the server and went on to have a fine meal. When the server presented the check to the table, the account executive noticed the kid’s meals had not been subtracted off the ticket. When the account executive asked the server about the kids eat free campaign, the server had no idea what the account executive was talking about and had to consult the manager on duty before giving the discount.

Before promoting your restaurant, it’s important to make sure the restaurant is clean, all equipment is repaired and staff is informed of promotions. If not, you could be adding fuel to the fire and running away the potential influx of business. Post a weekly cleaning list, keep a repairs and maintenance log, and have a weekly staff meeting. Some restaurant schedule software systems often have a digital manger’s log and a message center that help store and disperse this type of information.

Before you start any marketing campaign, use a restaurant employee scheduling software that will help you keep on track and your staff informed. ShiftZen is all-in-one restaurant employee scheduling solution that merges the staffing needs of your business with your employees' diverse needs and availability.