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No Parking Sign Of A Friendly Business

The other day I was walking around town and I noticed a 'no parking' sign on a business that I'd never noticed before. As with all growing cities, parking can be an issue. In my head I was thinking, "I wonder if they care about night/weekend parking," so I actually read the sign even though I wasn't even in my car or thinking of parking. Well, frankly, it's hilarious. He is presenting some rules, while giving people a laugh. He is inviting use of his space, but he may give you a lasting memento. In fact, while I was taking a picture of the sign, he actually came out and asked me if I wanted a sticker with a smile. That is how I want ShiftZen to feel to our customers.

Sure, we are a serious business dedicated to your scheduling needs, but life is short. Lets enjoy it. I'm terrified of plumbing so I doubt I'll ever shop here, but if someone asks for a recommendation I'll surely point them here as my guess is they are great to do business with.