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Nine New Shiftzen Scheduling Software Features

In order to be the best restaurant scheduling software, you have to listen to your clients and meet their needs. We like to think of ourselves as agile and nimble, constantly evolving to exceed our client's expectations. We've added some new features to our software that will please our existing clients and sure to attract news one: 


1) Admin users may now prevent employees from changing their availability after the initial login in company settings.


2) The message center has been updated, allowing the user to send messages to multiple groups at one time.


3) A new weekly schedule report that is very comprehensive and easier to read as far as staffing/positions.


4) A new employee wage report so the user can quickly confirm accuracy.


5) Add employees without an email address being required.  Admin users can now enter employees using their phone number and immediately start scheduling them.


6) Employee lists can now be exported.


7) Better sorting options in shift details.


8) The ShiftXchange features now shows how many hours each employee is scheduled for so the admin making the schedule can make better decisions if a employee is near overtime.


9) A multi unit dashboard so an owner/operator can view at a glance the schedule and activity at each of his units.


Please call us or e-mail us if you have any questions! Or if you're ready to be overcome with Zen and take the headache out of scheduling, sign up for a free 30 day trial here!


-ShiftZen Team

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