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Losing Customers Makes Us Sad(but not for the reasons you'd think)

Inevitably, some customers must move on. We lose very few customers, 2 in a month is a lot. Most of the time customers leave us is because they are no longer in business. It's a sad reality of the hospitality business, but a reality none the less. Sure, some customers need really complex, by the hour sales vs. labor reporting and move on to products that suit that market better, and we wish them success. But the vast majority of customers moving on ring similar to the message we got below: 

I regret to inform you that .......... (Houston, TX) will be terminating our service with you.  You provide a great product and service but the location has closed effective March 1st.  We inadvertently forgot to notify you and now need to have the credit card removed from automatic payment.   You provide a great service and hope to work with you again real soon at another location.

This gent was one of our first customers and we were sad to see him go, but not because of revenue...for us its only a few bucks a month, but because a business closed. I'm pretty sure we credited back that month that was forgotten by the business. We want all of our customers to succeed and I'm certain we'll see these guys pop up again in the future. Together, if we control and predict our labor in our restaurants we'll have happier customers, employees and owners!