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Local Coffee Maker Focuses On What Brings Customers Back

ShiftZen stays very involved with the community and organizations that share similar philosophies. In the end, we find local businesses are always made stronger by the strength and creativity of other small firms in the area.


So we couldn’t be happier about Slingshot Coffee and their massive success in recent months. These guys have been everywhere lately and rightfully so. They have a killer brand, great optics and a sleek, classic logo. Plus, they’re coming along at the perfect time when coffee culture is really taking off in the Triangle and there’s a burgeoning demographic with the resources and knowledge to understand the value in Slingshots products.


They’re just about perfect for a business standpoint, but, interestingly enough this isn’t why they’re so successful, and we at ShiftZen think we know why: They’re still 100% wrapped up in making the best possible product. Slingshot is still small batch and made locally (originally in Market Restaurant in Raleigh), with such precision that the dates are written on the product in marker, and the specific blend and coffee origin labeled to that specific brew. They still focus on what brings their customers back, a phenomenal product. And if you can do that, everything else is going to fall into place.


In fact one of Slingshot’s famous characteristics is how often their flavors and brews change. They stay right on top of the seasons and while you may be drinking winter plums and cherries you might see a spring strawberry blend come March. They’ll let trends dictate some flavors but of course they’re always doing research to stay ahead of the trends as well.


This is the key to offering small sided services, be it coffee, brewing, restaurants or social management within organizations. In 2015 you can’t afford not to update and innovate at least once a year. And with the tools small businesses have available online, there’s really no excuse to not be ahead of the game so you can focus on your product.


Slingshot coffee certainly has been. You can check them out in Lomo Market, Thirsty South and even Martha Stewart. Needless to say they’re worth checking out.