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Filter Restaurant Job Applications With Shiftzen

So you're opening a new restaurant soon and the "now hiring" sign has been out for months. You're faced with stack of applications to review and don't have a lot of time to create the first restaurant schedule. How can you cut that stack in half quickly to get to the best candidates? Here are three simple suggestions from your friendly neighborhood restaurant scheduling software company. 

First, you can pass on any applications that are not in the same condition as they were when originally given to the candidate. A folded, crumpled, or damaged application tells you the candidate is not big on presentation. You would probably be hiring a server who wears wrinkled uniforms or a kitchen staff who would send out messy plates. 

Second, pass on any applications that are not completely filled out. What makes you think they're going to finish a task once employed if they cannot finish their application? A complete application is a good sign of follow through. 

Finally if the candidate list "not enough hours" or "hours cut" under reasons for leaving a previous job, more than likely you should pass on these candidates. The candidate was probably not given any hours at the previous position because they were not a very good employee. The previous employer wanted to avoid a confrontation, unemployment claims or some other reason and did not terminate their employee. Instead they cut employee's hours hoping they would quit. 

Follow these guidelines and you'll be provided with more quality applications to interview.

-ShiftZen Team