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Let's Make Work Fun Together's 15 most scathing reviews of 2014

OK so the title will be a bit snappier next year. Anyway, put together what they think are the worst 15 scathing reviews of restaurants this past year. It's probably some fun reading to gawk at, but there's a lot to learn here, be it how to not make the mistakes of those restaurants, or maybe how to respond to negative reviews or bad yelp reviews.

Check out the review, here's a clip:

"New York Times critic Pete Wells uses the word "awful" a half-dozen times in his zero-star takedown of Michel Richard's opulent NYC restaurant inside the New York Palace Hotel. After experiencing several dishes that "vaulted across the gap that separates average from awful," Wells heads to Washington, DC, where Richard's restaurant Central was so comparatively terrific that "I wondered if Villard Michel Richard was bad on purpose." Villard closed this summer, so perhaps the hotel's management team can take Wells' business advice: "If Villard Michel Richard doesn't make it as a restaurant, it could reopen as the Museum of Unappetizing Brown Sauces."

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