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Eat What's Served With Shiftzen Restaurant Scheduling Software

I don't remember the exact day, but I do remember the 'ah ha' feeling. The feeling I got once I realized software had forever changed with the web and consistent internet. Here at ShiftZen we almost exclusively use software as a service for our back office applications. If a laptop or any of our computers goes down, gets a virus, etc....all we have to do is reload and login.  ShiftZen provides companies and organizations shift scheduling at their fingertips, without having to install any software. Use any computer or browser you like and you'll have what you need. We use Gmail Apps for Email/Document Storage/Calendars. We use Xero for our accounting. for invoicing and billing. Stripe/MoonClerk for payment/subscription collection....And many more. You get the point. When looking for a solution to a problem, we always seek a solution that lives 100% in the cloud. We practice what we preach and eat what we serve!