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Hardly a day goes by that ShiftZen isn’t working to improve everything about our software and our application. We have new updates and features all of the time, but if you’re a heavy smartphone user you know the truth of most apps: the simpler the better. Sure, it’s great having lots of features, but you really want an app that does a few things and does those few things very well.

We're adding features left and right at ShiftZen, but they’re always to strengthen our foundation: making scheduling, reporting and staff management easier. We’re not trying to do it all. So, naturally, there are plenty of other small apps out there managers can download that can supplement their restaurant software. Let’s take a look at 5 apps we think are must-haves for restaurant managers this coming 2015 year. (Here’s a list of 50 if you need more.)

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eZee eMenu

eZee eMenu delivers your offerings straight to their mobile devices via interactive menus. All you have to do is publish your menu with great color photos and full descriptions, and you can easily create custom navigations that fit your restaurant’s specific unique menu. eZee eMenu also lets your guests order in-app, from anywhere, if it will integrate into your POS system.


Tired of training new employees every few months? When you lose good people, do the new hires change your tasks beyond recognition through your employee’s own adult game of “telephone?” If you have an iPad, you can simplify employee turnover with ReelDirector, an App that will let you make your own training videos. Broadcast them through YouTube and watch as your team moves from scrambled to streamlined, and keep your staff integrated.


That’s right, the worlds biggest review hub for restaurant is also in an app on your phone. What reviews are you getting, what are your competition getting? Stay alert and up-to-the-minute in the know with Yelp’s app. Be alerted if you get reviewed that very night, and keep better tabs of your restaurant or cafes digital footprint.


Read to put something like the “Guavaberry Kir” on special, so everyone at the bar will have to give it a try? The only problem: can your bartender keep up with these new drinks? He or she will never be stumped by a strange drink request again with the Mixology App, which puts nearly 8,000 drink recipes at his fingertips. The App can even be personalized to available bar ingredients.

Did you lock the back door to your restaurant? Don’t leave these things to chance. The Alarm App monitors doors, windows, and even important rooms or drawers in your office. Video access allows you to spy on loiterers, deter robberies, and keep you informed on twenty-minute employee smoke breaks. Having constant surveillance allows you to control those energy bills as well. Keep tabs on your lights, locks, and thermostats from anywhere.

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