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Shiftzen Software Alleviates Restaurant Schedule Headaches

A lot of people may think "Why is there a company devoted to making restaurant scheduling software? What's so difficult about making a restaurant schedule?" Great question, simple answer. A restaurant schedule is hard to make and employee scheduling software makes it easier. 

How hard is to make a restaurant schedule? Let's say you are a huge NFL fan and you will be watching Sunday's 1pm, 4pm, and night games as well as Monday night's game. You have twenty friends who you want to come over to watch football with you, however no one can watch all the games due to various responsibilities (work, family, etc.). As opposed to telling your friends "Come on over anytime", your spouse wants to know who is coming over and what games they are coming to watch. Your spouse also wants to be aware of any changes throughout the week and wants a final lineup by noon Sunday. Also, your spouse insists you have at least five of your friends present during each game, yet no more than ten. Trying to coordinate this is like herding cats. 

That's what making a restaurant schedule is like. A coordinated process that involves employee availability, forecasting and strategic thinking. ShiftZen's restaurant scheduling software allows employees to enter their availability and allows managers to enter their projected sales in order to generate labor reports. ShiftZen does not make schedule and it's meant to be used as tool, therefore the user making the schedule must provide the strategic thinking behind the schedule.

We created ShiftZen so restaurant managers could alleviate the headache of making a schedule and allow them to save time and money. Restaurant managers time and resources are better spent serving guests, not herding cats.

-ShiftZen Team