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ShiftZen scheduling helps avoid conflicts among staff

A Staff That Likes Each Other, will also like coming into work and treat your customers like Kings and Queens. I was recently doing some research on restaurant shift swapping to see how to position us in the ever changing world of Googledom and I ran across this blog post. It's a funny but telling story about a couple of servers who had needs for shift coverage. One had covered for another a while back during an emergency and the other needed some help and expected the other to cover when asked, but wasn't available. This is a totally common scenario and two of the main problems in this scenario are completely covered with ShiftZen scheduling software. 1) The server who never asked off for his birthday probably thought about doing it but just never was able to easily do so. With our software, from their phone they could have been sitting at home/restaurant/bar/classroom and simply clicked 'Request Time Off', type 'my birthday' and management would have been alerted and granted the time off request. Boom! Problem averted. 2) Instead of direct text messaging and asking certain people for day off...with ShiftZen the server could have simply clicked on the shift, clicked 'Post to ShiftxChange', typed 'My Birthday, please pick up' and boom, the entire staff would have been alerted and management could have approved the right staff member.

Again, problem averted, no staff interaction. Everyone smiling and shift covered. Sometimes its the little things that keep a business running smooth.