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Shiftzen Releases Updated Restaurant Scheduling Software

Hello! We just had one of our biggest releases ever, and there is more coming this week (spoiler alert: All New Mobile Browser Interface!)

For now though:

1) Job Applicant Functionality: In company settings you will now see a tab for 'Job Applications'. This will allow you to put a link on your website or anywhere you post an opportunity and managers will be alerted of new applicants via email if desired or find the applications filled out in Managers Log.

2) Set the breakpoint of AM/PM for your business on the daily report. It is out of beta and this can be done in company settings->schedule settings.

3) New Privacy and Notification settings in 'My Settings'

4) Can track number of hours employees desire to work and if they 'can't work doubles'. We are also introducing the availability score which is a measure of the employees availability vs the number of shifts available. These metrics are all going to be part of an awesome new feature we are working on (auto schedule creator)

5) Various enhancements to text message and email handling.

6) We have also issued a new release to Apple that should be in the app store soon. Updated look and feel and made some improvements that will handle weak connections better (not just time out and show no data - sorry about that)