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Shiftzen's Holiday Gift Guide For The Restaurant Business

The weekend and subsequent weeks after Thanksgiving are just as important to businesses as they are to gift buyers and deal searchers. Of course B-2-B sales and transactions aren't as heavily covered in the media as Christmas trends and the like, plenty of companies are looking to make some dynamic purchases over the holiday season as they prepare for another year. But, instead of splurging on toys, most management teams everywhere are looking for the "new socks" of the business world. Those purchases that are utilitarian but still fun and exciting...something you can get some productive use out of but still make things a bit easier and more luxurious on yourself. 

Let's check out a few things you can get for your business this year that will help you reach goals and still have some fun and kick back:

LeadPages -- A great lead generation and conversion tool wrapped into one, LeadPages, with LeadBoxes is a great piece of software that covers beginners to experts in terms of driving leads and higher conversion rates in ways you've never experiened. 

An SEO firm -- Let's be real, no one likes doing SEO. Even the fun stuff feels sleezy, and you can't afford to make any mistakes with the new Google algorithms. Hire a local SEO firm to cover your search goals, just make sure you set measurable goals and benchmarks that can be attained.

A Videographer -- Media in 2015 will more and more be dominated by "storytellers" -- companies that can articulately tell their product's story and connect with customers in the digital world. Businesses no longer need the press to create a buzz and make sure your business is driving the message you want to about your work. 

Yahoo Small Business -- At just $40 a month this little web service can be a big payoff from the #2 in web search. Google gets a lot of articles written about them these days -- as they should -- but Yahoo SB can bring a lot to the table in terms of tutorials and quick helps with the little odds and ends of running a mid to small-level business in the 21st Century.

On-location wireless -- How are you not doing this yet?! Most urban areas in the United States sport multiple internet providers and there's no reason to not advertise to your customers that they'll have free, secure and fast wifi at your locations. Don't be behind the ball on this. 


Of course, this is assuming you have ShiftZen -- how a company can plan to operate in 2015 without online scheduling is beyond us...

-ShiftZen Team

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