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Shiftzen CEO Publishes Net Neutrality Opinion Piece

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If you don't know Peter well, you've go to understand ShiftZen is his third successful business. The man never stops; he even writes. And not just on this blog...

Peter contributed a 1000 word piece on Net Neutrality to ExitEvent in Raleigh, NC, a pretty big CBC/WRAL-owned publication that covers tech and start-ups nationally. 

Check it out! Here's a clip:

...The reason we’re even discussing this issue right now is because just this year Comcast throttled Netflix’s speeds and asked it to cough up some extra cash for connection fees because of the enormous amount of bandwidth Netflix uses (Netflix accounts for a jaw-dropping third of all US internet traffic during primetime). While there are plenty of third party content delivery networks for Netflix and companies like mine to sign up with instead of Comcast to move our content around the country, nearly everyone in America actually plugs into the wall with one of a few major providers (the aforementioned Comcast, TWC, AT&T, Verizon) in what is called “the last mile” (because it is literally the final mile of cable line to your house). Netflix, Google, ShiftZen and everyone else literally has to pass through those companies to get to you. 
The problem here is obvious: If one of my competitors pays Comcast to give it preferred speeds, or even to slow down my website and my app, I would be ruined. The Netflixes and Googles of the world would get all the attention when they started bidding for Time Warner Cable’s favor. But it’s the startups like ShiftZen—the companies that look a lot like Instagram two years ago—that would get wiped out before they even had a chance. 
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