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New York Restaurants Under Fire for Scheduling Practices

Hello, just thought I'd take a quick second to point out a recent article in the news that addresses scheduling. Retailers and restaurants came under fire in New York recently for having scheduling practices that required employees to hold their schedules open because they 'might' be needed to work.

Abercrombie's hourly and shift workers will no longer be required to hold their schedules open for shifts they might not be asked to work, and they'll be given a lists of their scheduled shifts a week in advance, the company said in a letter to Schneiderman's office.

In my past positions in hospitality I remember occasionally doing this for certain occasions that had a lot of unknowns. Example, we used to have a soccer team that would come in after games and sometimes the place would be packed and sometimes (after a loss for example) it would be dead. In this article the Attorney General of New York points out how this can be tough for staff.

"Unpredictable work schedules take a toll on all employees, especially those in low-wage sectors," Schneiderman said in a statement. "Workers who must be 'on call' have difficulty making reliable child care and elder care arrangements, encounter obstacles in pursuing their education, and in general experience adverse financial and health effects, as well as overall stress and strain on family life."

Abercrombie has vowed to discontinue this practice and instead alert employees when shifts are available to cover unexpected business upticks. Hopefully they use our employee scheduling software to do this! What are your thoughts on 'call' shifts? Email us at