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MLK Day Invites Reflection On Sit-In Movement's NC Origin

Today is MLK day and we will be having a slow day around the office. Restaurants are open, so we need to be open to support you guys, but we do find it an important day to reflect and respect. When you look at the make up of restaurant staff you cannot help but think of Dr. King on a day like today. Prior to Dr. King I'd guess the chance of seeing anything but a white man or woman as a server/host would be unlikely. 

Prejudice and attitudes of the 40'5 and 50's were thankfully replaced by the actions of many (including Dr. King) in the 60's. I was recently thinking about the brave men and women who changed the complexion of restaurant patrons as well. If you haven't read about the students of Greensboro College who started a revolution lately, its a good time to do that. It takes 5 minutes to read but will fill you with pride that we live in a country where 4 young men changed the country by refusing to be treated wrongly. Their intestinal fortitude to stand up to bigotry and mostly ignorance is what makes this country so great as so many in 30 states rallied around them. As many recent events have shown, we still have some work to do here, but I trust that work will be done. I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

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