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Chipolte Gets the Simple Things Right

When change is coming, and its going to affect your business...why not get out in front of it and try to figure out how to make it work for you? Chipotle seems quite adept at this and they deserve a round of applause. With the number of changes and momentum around minimum wage hikes, benefits for hourly workers and tuition reimbursement becoming the norm as opposed to the oddball, they have used media like champs. Just yesterday they announced a large change to their treatment of part time/hourly employee benefits. From the article:
Workers will get paid vacation time, sick leave, and 90 percent tuition reimbursement on the federal maximum of $5,250. Hourly managers and salaried employees will be eligible for the benefits immediately, while other restaurant crew will reportedly get the tuition perk after they’ve been with Chipotle for a year.

What Chipotle has successfully done is fired up their workforce and created loyalty, got a ton of free media painting them in a good light, and finally; they probably had a really awesome day. This is purely speculative, but the free media and resulting sales might pay for the program for a year or two. Smart business and its making me hungry. May get a burrito at lunch today...