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3 Day Weekends Not Time Off for Hospitality Industry

Ahh, the joy of a 3 day weekend. For those not in the service industry, that is! I remember well working over these weekends. It was a Thursday-Monday melee in Downtown Wilmington, NC. It was a weekend where there would be street fests and the town population would swell with locals and non locals alike. Memorial Day is a day to commemorate all men and women who have died in military service for the United States. (here at ShiftZen we celebrate for our clients in other countries as well!) We here at ShiftZen take that very seriously, but like our customers we will be available to support our web software that provides scheduling for the hospitality, medical and retail industries. For those who use our software three day weekends generally mean an extra day of work before that day off. I remember the Monday nights after such a long weekend being beer soaked celebrations at a chosen place that went well into the evening (next morning...)

We salute you service industry! May your profits, tips and cups overflowth!

ShiftZen Team