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11 Shiftzen Scheduling Moves You Can Make Now

Think we just sit around and look at each other, thinking we have the best restaurant scheduling software? No sir! We are constantly looking for ways to make the user experience easier and more fluid. Here are eleven things ShiftZen customers can do NOW!

1) NOW users can view previous schedules from the weekly schedule view report, located under 'reports'.

2) NOW users can flag a managers log post as 'viewable by staff' and it will permanently live there until an admin deletes it (new menu, tax forms, policies, procedures, etc.)

3) NOW users can view events in the app.

4) NOW users have the ability to delete time off requests and shiftxchanges in the app.

5) NOW users can create scheduling templates! This will allow users to create a 'default' schedule to start with each week then fill in the open shifts.

6) NOW when copying schedules, users can choose to not put employees with unreviewed time off requests on the schedule.

7) NOW ShiftxChange emails will now give users additional info and can be approved or deny directly from that email!

8) NOW when approving time off requests, users can click 'Show' and see who else has already scheduled off that day off to make more informed decisions quicker.

9) NOW certain days can be blocked  from allowing time off requests to be made from the managers log.

10) NOW time off requests can be made from the employee profile.

11) NOW users can view coming shifts for an employee from the managers log.

Whew! We're pretty excited about these updates, knowing that we're further exceeding our client's expectations. If you're not using ShiftZen, NOW is the time to sign up for a free thirty day trial so you can save time and money!

ShiftZen Team