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Manage Staff Requests From Your Phone

Want to eliminate phone calls and no shows? Make schedules in minutes?

Keep in communication with ShiftZen Employee Scheduling Software. When swaps, pickups and last minute changes need to take place you'll be alerted by text, email or app notification and can immediately make decisions. ShiftZen provides you the key information in each message you need to make a decision and move on!

Easy Setup

In just two minutes you can sign up for free. No credit card required. Pick out the position types your company uses, plug in your staff names and start scheduling. Have a large staff and need help? No problem. We are available by phone, email or chat to assist!

Reporting and Other Features

Keep operational and HR notes with a fully functional digital managers log. Record sales and operational data with built in daily reporting. Finally, recruit and receive online applications with the job application functionality. Everything in one place!

These Folks Trust ShiftZen


  • 1-20 staff: $20/month
  • 21-40 staff: $30/month
  • 41-60 staff: $40/month
  • 61-80 staff: $50/month
  • 81-100 staff: $60/month
  • 60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Contracts. No Setup Fee.

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